The Hunt Is On

Here’s an interesting situation.  I have a job interview Monday afternoon and I’m excited about the prospect of taking a substantial pay cut! Ha!

Yep. I’m interviewing for a position with a smaller library system in a neighboring town. If I would be offered this job I’d be making – at best – about $13K a year LESS than I currently make. But I’d also be working 37.5 hours per week when I currently work 50+ hours every week. And maybe – just maybe – the library system that I’d be working for would have more respect for the lives of their employees.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about public service. Breaking down barriers to access has been my crusade for years. But I’m also not a martyr. I want to be able to work hard – even really hard – and then not have to think about it until I go back in to work. As it stands now – I’m basically on the hook at all times.

Maybe this is going to be a really good thing?


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