Do any of you find that the least likeable part of your job involves the supervision of other employees?  That’s where I find myself. The public service portion of my career is wonderful. It’s both interesting and fulfilling. But being a manager is stressful and supplies me with no end of irritation.

It would all be relatively easy if every employee was willing to take their jobs seriously and give their all while at work. Some staff members are willing to do that but others require constant follow-up and even then can’t be trusted to do their best work consistently.

I’m told by some of my peers that “management can be quite rewarding”, but I just don’t see it.  I dislike conflict and feel myself forced into it regularly. I feel like it takes far too long and is far too much work to get rid of an underperforming employee. If that person can’t handle themselves, why should it be so much extra work for me?


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