Feelings of Impending Doom

A new day is dawning, and I often find myself feeling a nearly irresistible urge to light things on fire. I’ll explain.

I live in an area of the country that has an average high temperature of 32.8 today and an average low of 18.8.  We should be buried under over a foot of snow – instead it is currently 56 degrees and pouring rain. There has been thunder and lightning. This is not normal. It is not even close to normal.

Additionally I feel like a stranger in my own nation. We’ve just appointed a new Secretary of Education who is openly hostile to public education. Our rapid slide towards authoritarian fascism is frightening.

I’m going to have to turn off the news and stop reading the paper for a while in order to detox. Taking my eyes off of this situation seems like the wrong thing to do – especially now – but in the interests of self-preservation I just have to unplug for a while.


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