These are the times

Under pressure from all sides public libraries, like all public services, face daunting obstacles. In this blog I hope to share meaningful stories about how libraries can weather these storms. I will write this as a narrative about my experiences running a small urban library branch in the “age of Trump”. Interspersed with these stories I will also share a little bit about myself and my life – the things I enjoy and the struggles that I have faced and others that I continue to face.

I won’t pretend that these stories offer specific solutions. Nothing about this blog should be read as a “how to”.  In fact, at times this may turn into a cautionary tale because I don’t always handle things the right way and wouldn’t necessarily advocate for the reader to follow in my footsteps.

I hope to write about beauty and pain, hope and despair, joy and sorrow.  I hope that reading this will be interesting – that it will make you and your own foibles seem natural and human.


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